Configuration file for free Notepad++ text editor - edit LSL off-world!


If you are an LSL scripter, you probably write most of your scripts using the Second Life viewer's built-in editor. It's simple but not bad, it understands the LSL language and can therefore "colour code" the syntax, and being "in-world" it allows you to test your code as you write.

But coding in-world isn't always ideal. Sandbox chat and IMs from friends can be distracting, and sometimes you may simply be unable to connect to the net.

It's therefore handy to be able to code "off-world", using a text editor on your PC. We recommend Notepad++. It's entirely free, released under a GPL license, and combines a wonderfully clean interface with a rich set of features: it is also, not unnaturally, extremely popular.

But while Notepad++ recognises and highlights a lot of languages, such as Javascript, C++, HTML and so on, it doesn't understand Second Life. This is why we created BrightLSL, which is an XML "language definition" file which you can add to Notepad++ to teach it about LSL.


To edit LSL scripts on your own PC...
1. Visit and download Notepad++.
2. Click here to download Bright LSL.
3. Run Notepad++, "View">"User-Defined Dialogue...".
4. Click "Import..." & select "BrightLSL 1.4.xml".
5. Select "File">"Save As...", and save as "myscript.lsl".
6. Write your script in glowing, Linden-aware, BrightLSL!


Recognises "{" & "}" to allow Notepad++ to 'fold' code.
Colour coding...
BLACK: background
WHITE: comments, operators & symbols, like +, {...}, & =
GREEN: user-defined names, like function & variable names.
RED: 'keywords': types like string & statements like return
CYAN: event names, like state_entry & touch_start
BLUE: library functions, like llSay() & llRound()
PURPLE: library constants, like TRUE & DEBUG_CHANNEL
YELLOW: literals, like 123.4 & "this is a string"


BrightLSL 1.3 reflects LSL as defined as of 25th August 2011 at, including...
events: .../wiki/Category:LSL_Events
functions: .../wiki/Category:LSL_Functions
constants: .../wiki/Category:LSL_Constants
operators: .../wiki/Category:LSL_Operators


Shan Bright
Chief Executive Officer