Welcome to the Bright Corporation. We trade in the virtual world Second Life. Here you'll find everything you want to know about us and our services, plus a great deal more you probably don't, but we just don't seem able to avoid writing. Click here to contact us, here to visit us in-world at the , or just scroll down.

Shan Bright
Chief Executive Officer


07apr24 Update release:
Bright Multivendor

We at the Bright Corporation are proud to help our fellow Second Life creators realise the true spirit and meaning of human creativity: selling things to people.

And there is no better way to do this than by using the Bright Multivendor: especially as this new version is now double-sided - so that as well as being placed against a wall, it can be left freestanding, and be used by people from either side, leaving them nowhere to hide from the new mesh wings, and their larger secondary product panels!

We must all sell our souls: just be sure to get a good price.

(For more information about this product which doesn't sound like Ayn Rand muttering in her sleep, click here.)

05apr24 Updated Bright Finder:
Faster with new features!

The only thing better than the Bright Finder is the new Bright Finder.

Years after its first release, the Finder is still one of our most popular products, and remains unique in being the only SL product able to find all the objects on a parcel of land, with no limit on the range or number found, and optionally filtered by owner, or object name.

Today, we release a new version, which can search by owner even on land you don't own (as long as you can rez), optionally produce output in CSV format suitable for import into spreadsheets, and - above all - search twice as fast as the original.

And at L$490, it proves that while not all the best things in life are free, some are remarkably reasonably priced. So click here for a detailed description of one of them.

29mar24 New product:
Bright Cybertruck

The Bright Cybertruck is a virtual Second Life electric vehicle which not only drives, but actually flies, and yet is approximately forty thousand times cheaper than a certain real world competitor.

And this is despite the fact that this real world competitor, though forty thousand times more expensive, doesn't fly at all.

And our version won't rust, run out of electricity, or slice pedestrians neatly in half: though we are working on this last feature.

It features an instant colour changing menu, working windscreen wiper, horn, controls to open or close the windows or the rear truck bed and raise or lower the gate, capacity to seat a driver and up to four passengers, five gears, and dual in-car screens with working, interactive TV.

Absurd but gorgeous, the Bright Cybertruck is now available from the . Visit, see it, and fly home in it. (Did we mention that it flies?)

(For more information, delivered slightly less breathlessly, click here.)

15mar24 Update Release:
Bright Sky Screen

Hell is other people.

Sartre's quote is much misunderstood. He meant that when we judge ourselves, we do so through the eyes of others. He did not mean that other people are hellish.

But Sartre was a wimp. Other people are hellish. Which is why, when you've taken the trouble to carve out a bit of sky in a virtual world in which to create your personal heaven, it is vital to exclude them.

It was this spirit of joyous isolation and misanthropy that we originally created the Bright Sky Screen: a huge box you can rez around your Second Life sky home. It screens your space from those outside, and replaces grubby Second Life surroundings strewn with alien prims behind a beautiful backdrop of your own choice.

And today we are proud to announce an updated version.

We've increased the range of available backdrops to an amazing 121: sunlit skies, glittering stars, countryside, mountains, cities, skyscrapers, even beautiful fantasy worlds. And we've added optional animated weather overlays, allowing you to add drifting clouds, falling rain, snow, or even fog.

Just visit the to see an interactive demo for yourself.

And if you are a friendlier soul, who does not believe that other people are hellish, then invite those other people inside your new sky screen to enjoy it with you.

Then, when they inevitably become annoying, send them to us, so they can buy their own.

07mar24 Bright Minishop in SL's
first region: Da Boom

Da Boom was the first ever region in Second Life. Its name was adapted from a San Francisco street called "De Boom", and it existed in the prototype Second Life known as LindenWorld. Da Boom formed the centre of Second Life's original Sansara continent, and it contains point 0.0, 0.0 in the virtual world's grid coordinates system.

So we are particularly proud to announce the opening of our latest Bright Minishop in Da Boom.

Bright Minishops are small satellite shops, opened inside many of Second Life's most popular venues. Our minishop in Da Boom is located within Kasabian's Junkyard of Freebies: an extraordinary colection of SL's best freebies, created and maintained by Kasabian Constantine.

Many thanks to Kasabian for his invitation to add our collection of Bright freebies to the junkyard. Come and visit us, see the junkyard, and be at the centre of all Second Life, by teleporting to .

05mar24 Update Release:
Bright Unvendors

A Bright Univendor is a one land-impact vending machine which can store dozens of products, displaying 3, 5, or 7 at a time, allowing customers to scroll through them all, and pay you money to buy them.

Without commissions to Second Life Marketplace. Without dependency on someone else's off-world settings website. Without rents for high prim capacity land or shops. Pure, direct, 100% sales.

This is capitalism in a prim.

First created over a decade ago, and already in use across the grid, the latest version of the Bright Univendors was released today: remodelled using mesh, sleeker, and now double-sided.

Just rez a Univendor, and drop in your creations, with a texture showing each product, and optionally a notecard describing it. Then place it anywhere you have a single point of land impact free. It will show off your work, periodically auto-shuffle the products, give out notecards, collect payments, notify you of sales, and even optionally split revenue with a business partner.

See it for yourself at the . Greed is good. (Note that Bright Univendors will work for you even if you are not a ruthless corporate megalomaniac, and can even be used to distribute freebies. We just got a bit carried away.)

28feb24 New Bright Freeshops

We are proud to announce a new chain of ten Bright Freeshops, opened at ground-level sites across the mainland Second Life grid, in regions Archon, Austerity, Blister, Filignano, Horan, Mizar, Mythago, Owlet, Unzen, and Vinogradov.

All products in these shops are entirely free: no L$1 pricing, no required group membership: you are welcome to visit, browse, and take what you need.

If you would like to see demo versions of many of these free products, you can still find them at the . And as the freeshops are in regions with various ratings, they cannot offer adult freebies: these are available from the .

But if these free products are already available through our Megashop and Adultshop, why open Freeshops?

Over the years, Second Life has become more and more centralised, with grid-wide searches and destination guides helping people find and teleport directly to the places they need. And that's all good. But we know many still enjoy simply exploring Second Life's mainland continents at ground level, just to see what they can find. It's fun, and it reminds us that Second Life is a virtual world, rather than a series of discrete destinations served by a search algorithm: like the World Wide Web. We want to encourage this, and offer a few gifts to these explorers.

Just watch out for the huge neon eagle on the roof - the Bright Freagle - and pick up something nice on your journey.

(For information about all Bright shops in Second Life, please click here.)

26jan24 BrightCorp supports education in Second Life

The charming schoolgirl below is Jayne Calypso (jayneschool), and is pictured outside the in a uniform she may have, equally charmingly, slightly outgrown.

We know what you're thinking. And stop it.

We are delighted to welcome Jayne, and the school she helped establish along with Principal Sarah E Starchild (sarah32.starchild), to the ranks of the Bright Corporation's valued customers, as they recently installed the Bright Visitor System to greet arrivals, and to monitor attendance by pupils in detention. In fact, the school takes a firm, traditional line on discipline, and pupils given to pranks like throwing water bombs and leaving whoopee cushions on teachers' chairs (like Jayne herself, a notorious educational criminal) may face yet more painful sanctions.

We know what you're thinking, and stop it. The school prospectus emphasises that it is not a public spanking site, but a working school: and it has an impressive campus, boasting not only classrooms, but a gym, sports fields, a pool, common rooms, library, and much more. Participants may seek admission as teachers or pupils. All students are of age, and though corporal punishment is a feature of school life, it is limited by pupil consent, and administered only by school staff.

Supply teacher Shan Bright contemplates
the importance of promoting school discipline.

Or, very occasionally, by valued guests such as executives of companies supplying the school with major systems, while being given a tour of the school by a tightly uniformed, bouncing, lovely, but slightly over-excitable pupil like Jayne herself, to whom Bright CEOtrix Shan Bright felt duty-bound to offer very firm guidance.

In truth, this is a fun place, created with a careful eye for detail, and offering much to see and do. If you prefer venues offering more immediate, physical encounters, it may not be for you. But the intricate setting, and carefully documented background and school ethos, will delight roleplayers seeking imaginative and longer-term involvement. Do check it out.

(And if you misbehave, remember that the Bright Visitor System will be there to ensure you observe your detention. Click here to find out more about it, and if you find an even more creative use for the system than this remarkable school did, do write and tell us, so we can tell people about it here!)

15dec23 The 17th Annual Bright Xmas Greeting Thingy!

In last year's Xmas greeting, we added to humanity's seasonal celebration of hope by expressing a certain surprise - and even bewilderment - that Second Life continues to exist at all. We're very glad it does, but we worry.

This year, we have rather the same feeling about humanity as a whole.

In the Americas, in the north one man stands on a knife edge between going to prison, and being elected president, while in the south, another known as "El Loco" (or "the Madman") has just come to power. Europe is at war. Two nuclear powers on the Indian subcontinent - who have held knives to each others throats for decades - are again escalating their mutual fury. And in the land nominally the centre of the season, civilian populations await not snow, but bombs.

Our capacity for love, empathy, and cooperation is like wifi. It brings us together, but is limited in range and disrupted by arbitrary differences in communications protocols. We love to celebrate shared humanity, but have trouble recognising it over distance.

People, everywhere, are generally good. They love their children, they help their friends, they work together. They are often imperfect, fallible, and foolish, but they are good. Any philosophy of life or politics which does not start here is simply wrong - not just morally, but factually. When terrified, starving, and manipulated, we turn on each other: but it is not our natural state. Peace will not prevail when we have defeated "them". Peace will prevail when we understand there is no "them", just more human beings like us.

So enjoy your Xmas. Celebration and human happiness is not a "break" from the important world of work, news, and hustle. Joy itself is the important thing, which work, news, and hustle should exist only to make possible. And believe the evidence of your own eyes. The people around you laughing, playing, and swapping jokes and gifts, are a real sample of what human beings are like. Perhaps annoying sometimes, but not evil. If you think those who celebrate at different times of year, or tell jokes in different languages, or sing unfamiliar songs, are different, you're missing the wood for the Xmas trees.

But enough seasonal existential angst. Please enjoy our 17th Annual Bright Xmas Greeting Thingy. It takes the form of an SL book, which you can wear as a HUD, or rez and read in-world. Or rather, of two books.

The "general" book is a chapter taken from Winnie The Pooh, in which the bear of Very Little Brain - and his friend Piglet - go for a walk in the snow, and nearly catch... a Woozle!

The "adult" book is less plot driven, being a collection of bouncily animated Santas, which we believe may bring a special feeling good cheer and festivity to even the grinchiest grinch.

We do try to send cards to all friends and customers, but if you haven't received one already, we're sorry: do please collect one. The general is available at the , and the adult at the .

And as ever, Santatrix Shan Bright, and all the elves at the Bright Corporation, wish you a very Merry Xmas, and a Bright New Year!

05dec23 Buying Bright Gifts

In our conflicted modern world, it has never been more important to remember the true meaning of Xmas: all day drinking, chocolate, and receiving lots of lovely presents.

So it is in this deeper, spiritual sense - in pursuit of love, peace, and human understanding - that we ask you to spend generously in giving each other gorgeous Bright gifts.

Here's how. Visit the Bright Store at Second Life Marketplace, click on any label to show the corresponding product page, and click "Add To Card As Gift" in the top right hand corner. You will be prompted to enter the recipients username, and click "Find Resident". You can then enter a message to be delivered with your gift, before clicking "Finished".

And remember, at this special time of year: the more you spend, the more you love them.

21nov23 New Bright Minishops!

The Bright Corporation has been part of Second Life's Adult Hub since it opened in 2011. As they have recently remodelled their land, we are proud to open our shop in the new mall area:

We would also like to welcome Bondage City back to Second Life. Tania Loon's venue combines elegant urban planning with vicious restraint. Visit Bondage City: you'll never leave. Click here:

09sep23 Try Before You Buy!

Second Life Marketplace is, of course, utterly lovely, and the fact that they take 10% of every sale from hard-working creators - like, say, the Bright Corporation, who already pay them thousands of dollars a year just to trade and hold land in Second Life - is by no means a reason to chain all Linden Lab executives in a single dungeon to be whipped for hours by Bright CEOtrix Shan Bright. (Though any Linden Lab executives who quite like the idea should write to Mistress Bright privately for details of what she charges.)

SLM is a lovely place to find products across Second Life, and it's the perfect way to buy gifts for friends, so if you enjoy shopping through SLM, you'll find our entire range there.

But we don't think buying on the web should mean buying blind! So please: when you are looking at an SLM listing of a Bright product, remember...

1. All our SLM listings have a link to a much fuller description of the same product on our own website, with the complete user guide - please use this! SLM only allows limited space for each product description: follow the link to this site to learn more!

2. All our SLM listings have a "See item in Second Life" link, which will teleport you to the Bright Megashop for general products, or the Bright Adultshop for adult products. Please use this, to see the products as they look in-world. Many have in-store demonstration models for you to try!

In the Megashop, you'll find working versions of the Scooter Rezzer, Inventory Box, Texture Organiser, Book Creator, Text Screen, Multivendor, Networked Giver, Advertising Board, Teleporter, Temp-rezzer, Moderna, Cristalina, Primera, Future, One-prim Furniture, Flags, all our art collections, and much more!

Similarly, in the Adultshop, we have our BDSM Toys, Hypnocage, Garrote, Gallows, Hydraulic Gallows, and our erotica collections are all on the walls. Visitors are welcome to come, enjoy the art, and play in the shop!

So whether you buy through our shops, or our online store at Second Life Marketplace, do please come and see the products for yourself - and thank you for your business!

17aug23 NEW: Hydraulic Gallows
UPDATED: Bright Gallows

Last year, we released the Bright Gallows: a dark piece of period scene dressing, with hanging and sexual animations for adult roleplay. We were delighted to see it appear in many Second Life venues, and to receive enthusiastic feedback, including ideas on new features which might be added, and other, similarly themed products people wanted. This led to the creation of the Bright Garrote earlier this year, and now this new, more modern take on a gallows: the Bright Hydraulic Gallows.

This is a crossbeam mounted on two hydraulically operated arms, from which you may suspend between one and ten nooses, all lifted together to the sound of industrial machinery when the control button is pressed.

Like the original Bright Gallows, it offers sexual animations for roleplay between executioners and victims, and detailed struggle and hanging animations. Rez it anywhere between 3m wide for a single noose to 12m wide for ten, and optionally rez a podium from which someone may face the victims, and pull a lever to operate the machine. It has a texturing menu to apply industrial steel surfaces, or traditional wood, or even scifi, space-age materials, and offers a modern - or even futuristic - twist on a traditional gallows.

And the original Bright Gallows has now been given a huge update. A redesign has made the scaffolds slimmer, allowing more nooses to be placed together, and a new rezzing system has been developed, allowing gallows with between one and twenty nooses to be rezzed with a few clicks of a menu.

The Bright Gallows, Bright Hydraulic Gallows, and Bright Garrote are now all rezzed and usable at the - so visit us, and try them. They'll take your breath away.

13aug23 New Freebie: Bright Book
of Wikimedia Animations

While Wikipedia has long since been the world's best known encyclopedia, a sister project called Wikimedia Commons is less celebrated.

This is a pity, as it is an astonishing resource for research and education, and a fascinating rabbit hole for an hour or two of browsing.

Wikimedia describes itself as a "media file repository making available public domain and freely licensed educational media content (images, sound and video clips) to everyone". By publishing this tiny sample of its Creative Commons content, we hope to help promote it.

But we specifically chose Wikimedia's animations for another reason. Since releasing the Bright Book Creator, we've been delighted to receive copies of books other Second Life creators have used it to publish - and noted how many have commented that they were especially pleased to be able to include pages showing animations. So we wanted to show off this feature.

In this respect, Second Life can be like Hogwarts. While non-magical muggles are restricted to pages with fixed text and pictures, books created by wizards can carry images which move: as can books in Second Life. Or at least, books created with the Bright Book Creator.

But whether you would like to see a sample of the Bright Book Creator's amazing abilities before buying copies for yourself and all of your friends (which you absolutely should, immediately), or just want to see some fascinating animations, we hope you enjoy this book. Click here for more information.

31jul23 New Bright Minishops

In addition to our flagship outlets - the and the - the Bright Corporation has always maintained a chain of Bright Minishops at Second Life's best venues across the grid: and two new minishops opened today.

is a frankly terrifying BDSM themed "Correctional Facility": a place in which mere innocence is no obstacle to punishment. Stop at the new Bright Minishop there for a little shopping before your execution.

The is another adult themed attraction, with fewer fatalities and more dancing, for people who like that kind of thing. If you need a short break from the music, sex, and boogie, over the road from the club you'll find the Bright Minishop. Drop in, chill, giggle as you buy dozens of our products during your uninhibited MDMA high, then go back for more boogie.

(Not all our shops are in NSFW areas, but we have to admit, quite a few of them are. For a complete list, click here.)

19jun23 Announcing the
Bright Garrote

The Bright Garrote brings this notorious, historical form of torture and execution to Second Life.

A menu driven texturing system allows you to instantly change its appearance from a traditional wood and iron construction, through chilling cold steel, to a modern, clinical aluminium and glass instrument of death: the perfect scene dressing for your castle, dungeon, or dystopian sci-fi city square.

Or if roleplay is your passion, play victim or executioner: the garrote is richly animated for both sex and torture, and plays atmospheric sound effects to intensify the darkest immersion.

Click here for more information, or visit the to try it for yourself.

You know you want to.

07jun23 New Freebie! The Bright Book of Public Domain Images

This book brings together 100 Public Domain images taken from sources ranging from the first edition of Alice in Wonderland to NASA. Page slowly through, and if you see an image you like, click the tab by the page to receive a full perms texture to use as you wish.

Free, beautiful, and large enough to crush even the strongest coffee table. Click here for more information.

02jun23 Happy Pride!

It's Pride Month. To find out how it is being celebrated in Second Life, check out their blog by clicking here.

It's frankly unlikely that you don't approve, given that you're reading the website of a Corporation kinkier than a giraffe.

(You didn't know about the giraffes? You must read up about the giraffes! LGBT should have another G for "Giraffe".)

But it is possible that you are one of those for whom Second Life is a safe space in which you explore passions your community persecutes, or that you yourself have been raised to believe are shameful.

Whether you are in or out, or should come out, is for you. Much depends on where, and amongst whom, you live: it is easy to preach courage from a place of safety. But whatever the voices around you say, you don't have to internalise them.

Sexual preference is not a moral issue. The essense of morality is simple: the rights and treatment we demand for ourselves, we must offer to others. To take their life when they are not threatening yours, to exploit or hurt them when you expect justice and safety, to assume the worst of them but demand your own motives and actions are judged with humanity, these things are bad. Love between consenting adults simply is not.

And if you believe in a god - in a being of infinite wisdom, compassion, and power - don't insult them by thinking them capable of creating a world with you in it, simply in order to sit and watch you suffer the impossibility of a passion they implanted in you simply to then childishly hate. No true god could be so ridiculous.

Especially a god who created giraffes.

10apr23 The Second Life
Build That's Older
Than Second Life

Shan Bright hangs out with
her sexy older gentleman
As Linden Lab prepare SL20B events to mark the 20th anniversary of Second Life, you might be surprised to learn that there is a build within Second Life which is - paradoxically - more than 20 years old. But there is.

originally stood in Linden Town in pre-launch Second Life (originally Linden World). It was created by oldjohn Linden on July 19th, 2002, and has been holding up the sky ever since.

Whatever criticisms we have made of the Lindens over the years, they have kept remarkable faith with their creators. The grid has remained compatible with builds created over more than two decades, and even as new features were introduced, obvious care was taken not to break what had gone before. We released our first product - a prefab home - 16 years ago, and some residents still live in them today: the building's prim models and scripts all operating exactly as they did when it was released. It is still available as a freebie under the name of the Bright Primerisima.

The Man now stands in the grounds of the , which itself deserves a page in the Second Life story. Created by Lumiere Noir (who now goes by 'Acid Trip'), this striking domed structure contains a huge interactive tutorial on building with prims in Second Life.

Visit The Man, drop in to The Ivory Tower Library Of Prims, and support the fight against the contrived obsolescence commercial software companies so often use to ensure a continuous stream of revenue from their customers, and which cut off the creations and imaginative work of each generation from the next.

27feb23 See the Prim Manager
at the Bright Sandbox

The Bright Sandbox is an distinctly adult place to build, and neither Bright Corporation CEOtrix Shan Bright, nor any of her leather clad site managers, have hesitated to spank visitors who have left prims littering private building platforms when they teleported away.

Unfortunately, this policy seems to have increased, rather than decreased, the level of littering, sometimes by builders with names like ImABadGirl and NaughtyBillyDidItAgain.

We've therefore installed the Bright Prim Manager onsite, which will return any prims you leave behind five minutes after you leave the region. So if you find a platform full of junk, we're sorry: but wait briefly and it should now be cleared automatically. And if you think the Bright Prim Manager might be useful at your own site, you can drop in to the sandbox to see it in action.

And when you're done building, don't forget to visit the Bright Dungeon, which can be reached using a teleporter in the middle of the sandbox. Or ask Billy. He knows the way.

10feb23 Why all this is
how it is, Clive

We recently received a message from Clive asking us why brightcorporation.net is "all thin". He's a modest man, and when we thanked him for his question, and said we'd be replying on the company blog, he asked not to be named: so we're just calling him Clive.

No. This is an entirely different Clive.

And Clive has a point. On a typical desktop browser, brightcorporation.net forms a narrow stripe down the centre of your screen, leaving acres of dark, blank space. Why?

Well Clive, we created brightcorporation.net in 2007, and we didn't really have desktop browsers in mind. Back then, the second tab in every avatar's profile was labelled "Web". Residents simply typed in a URL, and the corresponding web page appeared in their profile.

But it generally looked pretty bad. The space was a fixed 384 pixels across, and most sites were unreadably cramped, or had to be scrolled sideways to be read.

Then Second Life introduced "web-on-a-prim" (officially "shared media"), but this too was a little erratic. Sites would take a long time to load on in-world prims, and complex pages - especially those generated by online content systems and site generators - might not be rendered correctly at all.

So we built brightcorporation.net to be 384 pixels wide, with small, light-weight images, and simple hand-coded HTML/CSS. We put it on screens in our in-world stores, loaded it under the "Web" tab of our staff profiles, and were delighted when friends and customers also chose it for their own. We assumed that this is how most people would see it: in-world, in profiles and on prims.

So it's all a historical accident. Web-on-a-prim has since improved to handle almost anything a desktop browser can display. Profiles were made stretchily resizable to accomodate wide pages, and eventually lost their "Web" tabs altogether.

Then as Google discovered us, we started receiving queries from people who'd never even heard of Second Life. One keen visitor was interested in buying our the Bright Hypnocage, presumably to entrap and indoctrinate her real-world human toys in her basement. If we'd known how to build one for her - perhaps a huge box with OLED screen walls - we would have.

As for our site, we could change it all, but we won't. This stripe of text is a monument to a more innocent past, a Second Life without voice support, mesh, or even sculpties: a more anonymous world with more geometrically perfect boobs, which Clive - who is relatively new to our virtual world - never knew.

Clive writes that he "still really likes our site" and that it "makes him laugh". So whatever we miss from Second Life's history, it has got better in some ways. For instance, it has Clive in it.

Welcome, darling.

05jan23 New Films on Bright TV!

The Bright TV and Radio allow you play your favourite films, videos, and music in Second Life: if you have the URL, and Second Life supports the format, you can play it in-world.

But if you're not sure what you'd like to enjoy, it comes with a built-in "media guide", with lists of live-streaming and prerecorded content to choose from.

Our film guide is a special favourite, and contains many twentieth century classics: but this year, we decided to focus on adding films from the last 15 years. These include:

2008: Died Young, Stayed Pretty
2010: The Japanese Wife
2014: Women of '69, Unboxed
2014: Bang Bang Baby
2015: Lola's Last Letter
2015: Diamond Cartel
2016: Miss Stevens
2017: The Hippopotamus
2017: House by the Lake
2017: From Hollywood to Rose
2019: A Room Full of Nothing
2020: Intersect

Click any of the links above to read about these films on Wikipedia.

Or simply switch on your Bright TV, click "media guide", and then "film guide", to see our entire collection, with plot summaries to help you choose which you feel like.

You don't have a Bright TV? Get one. Now. Ok, it may not be the snappiest of marketing slogans, but you know: they're really, really good.